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2021 Competition Information

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Meet the Judges
Jennifer Bryson.png
Jennifer Bryson
Program Director of Elementary Education at Boston University Wheelock College of Education
Paul Schneider.jpeg
Paul Schneider
Chairman of the Film & TV Department at Boston University College of Communication
Peter Marton.jpeg
Peter Marton
Director of Entrepreneurial Partnerships at Boston University Questrom School of Business
Christopher Sleboda.jpg
Christopher Sleboda
Associate Professor of Graphic Design at
Boston University
College of Fine Arts
Denise Joseph BU.png
Denise Joseph
LEAP Program and Student Relations Manager at Boston University College of Engineering
The Top 3 Winners
SGEDU Competition 1st Place.png
Jonathan 2021 Jumbo Check.jpg
1st Place ($1,000)
By: Jonathan Yeh
Created an open garden structure in the "Architecture in Minecraft" course.
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SGEDU Competition 2nd Place Project.jpeg
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Play it Yourself!
Click the green flag to start the game. Press the red octagon to reset the game. Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to shoot.
Sasha Jumbo Check Photo 1.jpeg
2nd Place ($600)
By: Sasha Levinson
Created a marketing poster for the Sellaronda Ski Resort in the "Graphic Design in Marketing" course.
Nathaniel 2021 Jumbo Check.jpg
3rd Place ($400)
By: Nathaniel Wholey
Coded a spaceship combat game in the "Advanced Coding in Scratch" course.
The Other Top 5 Finalists
Not in any particular order.
Photography Project 1.jpeg
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By: Hannah
"The Noob Minecraft Player" Nature Documentary Parody
By: Bella
Screen Shot 2021-09-12 at 11.38.15 AM.png
Business Pitch
By: Kareena
Photography Project 2.jpeg
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By: Leo
Fake News Parody
By: Marco
The 2021 Kids' Project Competition was made possible with the help from:
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Start creating a project in any SGEDU program so you can submit it for next year's competition! What are you waiting for? 

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