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About Our Classes

Minecraft Server

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What brings you here today?

I'm new to the server and need to
I'm an approved user and need help
I want to learn how to use all the features and play all the games.

Who Uses This Server?

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This server is for kids ages 5 to 13 only. Guests who join the server and are not current or former students of an SGEDU Kids Program or event, or are not approved by a SpecGraphix administrator will be banned.

If you are a current or former SGEDU student, please request access to the server using the link below. We're excited to have you join the fun!

System Requirements

You will need to own a copy of Minecraft Java Edition for Mac OS, Windows, or Linux devices. Minecraft Java Edition is required and sold separately at
(We are not officially endorsed or associated with Mojang Studios.)
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Minecraft Controls

Minecraft Default Controls

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Contact Us

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