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Do you need help with a media project? Consider it done with a Primethyme media specialist. We provide guaranteed, on-time delivery or your money back. We work with all clients - corporations, small businesses, non-profits, families, and individuals. We have consistent pricing, so there are no surprises when you get an invoice from us. For quality assurance, you pay only a 25% down payment and we'll send samples of your project before full payment is made. So you're assured that you're getting the high-quality deliverables we promise. Get a free virtual consultation now! Just click the button below. We can't wait to work with you.

Video & Audio Production Pricing
Get It Done! Package
$8.00 per second of video
Audio Package
$4.00 per second of audio
Pro Video Package
$4.50 per second of video
Video Package
$3.00 per second of video
What's Included in Each Package
Video Package
Pro Video Package
Audio Package
Get It Done! Package
Expedited Delivery (Under 14 Days)
Animated Logo Watermark
Animated 2D/3D Logo Sting
Condensed Version of Files for Web
Basic Titles & Transitions
Video Trimming & Cropping
3D Title Animations
Licensed Soundtracks with Lyrics
Custom Licensed Soundtracks
Sound Adjustments & Enhancements
Licensed Sound Effects
Custom Animated Titles & Transitions
Video Project File (Final Cut Pro, AVID, or Adobe Premier file)
Exported Video File
Combining Footage for Video
Video Color Enhancement
Graphics & Print Design Pricing
Get It Done! Package
Advertising Package
$60 per file
Social Media Package
Video Graphics Package
$180 per file
Print Package
$100 per file
What's Included in Each Package
Print Package
Video Graphics Package
Social Media Package
Get It Done! Graphics Package
Advertising Package
Professional Stock Photos/Videos Included
Design a custom font
Design an illustrated picture
Design a mascot or character
Design a video thumbnail
Design a social media post picture
Design animated video transitions
Design an animated logo sting
Design animated video titles
Design a social media cover photo
Design a social media avatar
Design a logo or sign
Design a flyer, poster, or brochure

Previous Satisfied Clients Include

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Video Audio Price
Graphics Price
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