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BNSBC Entertainer Network

Become a partner today and turn your social media career or side hustle aspirations into a reality.

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Who Becomes a BNSBC Partner?

BNSBC Entertainer Network Partners are individuals who have a strong desire to turn their personal YouTube channel into a financially viable side hustle or full-time career. Many consider becoming an internet personality a dream job for its flexible work hours, potential income and fame, validation from fans, and the enjoyment of creating content that you love.

What it Means to be a BNSBC Partner

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Rely less on luck and more on quality to achieve success.

Being backed by the finances, workforce, and expertise of a large company.

Achieving rapid growth with mentorship in marketing and trend analysis.

Turning the social media career dream into a financially stable, legitimate career.

BNSBC Partner Benefits

Once your channel has been approved for BNSBC Partnership, you’ll immediately start receiving benefits that are especially important for those just starting out or who are burdened by busy schedules with college classes or full-time jobs. As you gradually increase your subscriber count over the first few months, your partnership tier levels up, earning you additional benefits to continue rapidly growing your audience and income.

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Video Editing Team

All your videos are edited for you by our post-production team. Once per week, have one video that’s 10 minutes or shorter edited for you. Just send us your footage and audio files. Turnaround time is two weeks or less.

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Premium Video & Channel Graphics

All edited videos include premium graphics and animations to match your brand. We’ll also design a channel logo, banner, and animated intro for free.


Premium Music Licenses

All edited videos include premium music and sound effects with commercial licenses that don’t expire.


1-on-1 Expert Consultant

Each BNSBC partner is paired with a consultant who can be reached 7-days a week to provide free expertise in marketing, analytics, trend analysis, content drafting, idea brainstorming, and public relations.

Contractual Obligations for Partners


Monthly Partner Fee

All partners must pay a $30 monthly fee to access partner benefits.

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Monetization Cut

All partners sign on to a 30/70 revenue cut, must provide documentation of monthly monetization earnings, and pay a monthly invoice equalling 30% of monetization revenue.

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Keep 100% of Fundraised Income

BNSBC will never take a cut of any revenue that's classified as a viewer donation, crowdfunded capital, grant, or prize money.

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Sponsorship Revenue

Tier two BNSBC Partners who are sponsored through us pay 50% of sponsorship revenue. Tier three partners only pay 30% of sponsorship revenue.

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