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As of July 2020, BNSBC Has just announced several new projects in the works. Take a look at our top 3 trending projects of the month!

Niña Animated Film
SGEDU Online Classes
SpecGCraft Minecraft Server
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BNSBC Media Ventures LLC is a company located in Boston, MA focused on the power media has to both empower and engage individuals. Serving primarily as a publishing company for industries such as Film & Television Production, Software Development, and Graphic Design. BNSBC functions as an umbrella company for several smaller brands with areas of specialty.

These smaller brands include:

  • BNSBC Entertainment: Behind many film & television productions at the BNSBC studio.

  • Collegiate E-Sports Connection: Organizes e-sports tournaments and events for colleges and universities.

  • NHP Animations: Creates animations and graphics for businesses and individuals. Also creates animated films and CGI effects.

  • BNSBC Music Licensing: Licenses a vast library of company-owned music.

  • SpecGraphix: Focuses on software development. SpecGraphix has created “Advanced Green Screen Engine” which is a CGI tool for kids, “Niña” which is an AI assistant for kids, and the SpecGCraft Minecraft server which is a public free-to-play server currently under development. 

  • SpecGraphixEDU (SGEDU): Educates K – 6th Grade students in all aspects of digital media. Creating the next generation of innovation.

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Meet the BNSBC Team

Eric, Founder & CEO
He is involved in every aspect of BNSBC Entertainment. He is the director of most of BNSBC's exclusive films & TV shows, He is one of the lead instructors for SpecGraphixEDU's classes, He is the primary graphic artist for NobleHydroxide Animations, and so much more!
Adam, Senior Software Developer @SpecGraphix
Adam has been hands-on behind SpecGraphix's leading-edge innovations including SpecGraphixEDU's AI Student Assistant, SpecGraphix's Minecraft Server, and is working on several video games planned for the future.
Kaya, Director of Marketing
Kaya has been on the team for over 3 years now. She is a very passionate, hard-working employee. She was originally the DPR of the Collegiate eSports Connection. She's pulled together several large scale eSports events at various universities. These events had an average of 500 attendees. Now she is the DPR for BNSBC Media Ventures as a whole.
Ramzi, Director of Photography @BNSBC Entertainment
Ramzi has operated the camera behind the scenes for over 8 years at BNSBC Entertainment. He's shot films like Truly Noted, Mai Takedown, and more. We're so lucky to have had him on the team for so long! In the past, he's also filled other crew rules like boom, key grip, and slate. He's even acted in a few films. Overall a well rounded professional.

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BNSBC Strives to follow it's standards to create an inviting and happy community.  Our staff work hard and are passionate to create quality work and providing the best services to our community.  But most important of all, use the power of digital storytelling to help viewers reflect on important issues and drive change to move the world forward towards a better future for all.







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