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This course can be taken on any Windows or Mac OS computer. Students ages 8 to 13 will travel through time following the thrilling non-fiction stories of the Cold War, Titanic, and Forbidden City. Lessons align with the National Council for the Social Studies' C3 Curriculum Framework so students learn real history with the same academic goals as the U.S. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Students are introduced to each time period by watching a short cinematic Minecraft history film with upgraded graphics and lighting effects. During and after the film, students have to change the course of history taking the role of famous historic figures such as President John F. Kennedy or Emperor Yongle and engage in group discussions. Each class day ends with exciting activities with classmates. These activities take place in authentic recreations of historic locations in Minecraft and include integrated team-building exercises. Play "Detective" on the sinking Titanic - trying to find an imposter on the ship. Play "Battle Royale" - sky diving into the Forbidden City and looting treasure chests for random items. Play "Zombies Apocalypse" in the U.S. Pentagon and survive endless waves of zombies and other Minecraft mobs. In total, there are 10 different group activities available to students throughout this course.

History in Minecraft Legends of Time 1

6 Weeks




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