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Congratulations! You have been accepted into SGEDU's Innovation Center for Gifted Students which is the first individually personalized, career-oriented skill accelerator for children. Your child will be pushed beyond what they ever thought possible, paired with an expert mentor whose primary objective is to accelerate their skills in any professional career and gain exponential motivation and determination from witnessing their own immediate growth. Only 10% of applicants demonstrate the talent and willpower required for acceptance. We hope you are ready for your journey to conquering each personal goal one after the other in this fast-paced, challenging mentorship program!

For one semester, students meet 1-on-1 with a highly skilled mentor once a week to work toward mastering any skill including media production, coding, entrepreneurship, and much more. Mentors provide detailed progress reports with measurable performance objectives. We're confident you'll start seeing noticeable results within the program's first 3 to 5 weeks.

SGEDU was ranked the number one most innovative education company in the USA for both 2020 and 2021 by The Los Angeles Tribune and was featured by NBC, CBS, Boston University, Startup Boston, Kidazzler, and more for cutting-edge pedagogy innovation.

To get started in the semester-long mentorship program, pay the tuition fee by clicking the button below and schedule your first 1:1 session.

1:1 Mentor Program



SGEDU Innovation Center for Gifted Students

Valid for 8 months

1:1 Mentoring Session

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