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We're redefining the expectation of how classes should be by focusing on creating an experience kids love.


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"I can say with great confidence that SGEDU is the best place for kids to take their skills to new heights. SGEDU blew me away with what they helped my son achieve. He was accepted to a prestigious private art school with his projects. We've stuck with SGEDU for 2 years now and signed up our 2nd son."
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Our students' industry knowledge accelerates four or more years ahead of their age.
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"SGEDU students demonstrate a comprehensive level of industry knowledge that is unexpected from kids their age."
- Paul Schneider, Film & TV Department Chairman at Boston University College of Communication
"The SGEDU students’ grasp of business concepts and the poise they demonstrated in their presentations were impressive, especially considering their ages."
- Peter Marton,  Director of Entrepreneurial Partnerships at Boston University Questrom School of Business

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