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Lead IT Support Technician

Lead IT Support Technician


Pay: Annually

Work From Home

Job Description

The Lead IT Support Technician works directly with the BNSBC Media Ventures CEO, COO, and CTO, overseeing all technology infrastructure, cyber security, and equipment repair/troubleshooting. BNSBC owns a wide range of brands and services from children's programming to collegiate esports.

Candidates are expected to handle a wide range of tasks working with many teams using a diverse set of hardware and software while also maintaining the security of client personal information and company data by helping to set up and oversee the cyber security infrastructure for the whole company. When not working on one of the primary duties listed above, the Lead IT Support Technician is expected to repair and troubleshoot SGEDU equipment, provide technical support for SGEDU customers and BNSBC staff, and provide on site technical support during CEC eSports tournaments and events on college campuses. The majority of working hours are spent at home.

Required Qualifications

A Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.

Extensive experience with technology repair and troubleshooting.

Strong leadership and communication skills.

Strong customer service skills and patience with clients.

3 professional references.

Preferred Qualifications

A Masters Degree in Computer Science.

5 years of experience as an IT Service Desk Technician or other related field.

Experience working in a corporate work environment.

Experience using Adobe Creative Cloud, Wix, Mac Os, Windows 10, Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, Davinci Resolve, AVID Media Composer, GDrive, Microsoft 365, Steam,, BisectHosting, Cyberduck, Minecraft Java Edition, Coding with HTML5, Coding with Java, Unreal Engine, Unity, Scratch, Android, IOS, Parsec, Zoom, VPNs, Google Chrome plugins, cyber security software, Hootsuite, Classkick, and Peardeck.

Experience with digital cameras, macs, windows pcs, projectors, studio lighting, storage devices, and building / upgrading / repairing custom desktop pcs.

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