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Corporate Legal Advisor

Corporate Legal Advisor


Pay: Annually

Job Description

Application Closed

BNSBC Media Ventures is the parent company for a wide range of brands and services from diverse industries. A corporate legal advisor working for the BNSBC umbrella is responsible for overseeing all legal matters and writing all legal documentation for all BNSBC brands and services including contracts, NDAs, licenses, work contracts, user agreements, privacy policies, permission slips, contractor agreements, trademark filing, DMCA takedown notices, patent filings, and other related documentation. The applicant is also expected to stay on top of any new regulations or changes to domestic and international laws that would affect any BNSBC brands or services. A heavy focus will be put on COPPA regulations, copyright law and fair use, and technology and internet related regulations. The corporate legal advisor will work from home keeping in direct contact with the BNSBC administrative team via email and phone calls.

Required Qualifications

A Masters Degree in Law from a university located within the United States.

Internship or work experience as a legal advisor.

Certification from the Massachusetts Bar Association.

3 professional references.

Preferred Qualifications

A PHD in Law.

3 or more years experience as a full time legal advisor.

Certification from the Delaware Division of Professional Regulations.

Experience with COPPA regulations.

Experience with copyright law.

Experience writing contracts, NDAs, legal notices, and/or filing trademarks.

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