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Video production is the ultimate form of expression. There are endless possibilities in what you can create. With the help of SpecGraphixEDU, you can make your dreams come to life and watch them with your own eyes. We cover every step of the production process from writing your script, to editing your video on the computer. The course is 100% hands-on where students will be able to do everything independently. This is the most robust video course for kids that's under 8 days long. Prove us wrong and your money back, guaranteed. We're confident you'll love the course. In fact, we're the highest-rated video course in the Greater Boston Area amongst families who attended. What are you waiting for? It's your turn to tell amazing stories and inspire those around you. This class is suited for children ages 7 to 12. Sign up at

What sets us apart from other

children's programs?

We introduce new innovations to the class on a regular basis.

Advance Green Screen Engine (Av)

We introduced Av a couple of years ago at Brookline Adult & Community Education's CyberSummer program and was an instant hit. This exclusive software only available in our classes gives students the opportunity to incorporate computer-generated images (CGI) effects into their videos with little to no effort. From a simple drag and drop, students are able to add over 500 different computerized objects including dinosaurs, dragons, tornados, spaceships, and so much more! You won't find this anywhere else. 

Access a library of over 20,000 licensed soundtracks

Thanks to our partner, BNSBC Music Licensing, students have access to a library of over 20,000 licensed songs that they can use in their video. These soundtracks are made by professionals and are specifically designed for movies and commercials helping students find just the right soundtrack for their project. You can preview some of the songs available to students at

SGEDU developed classroom tools for extra support for students

Everyone learns at a different pace and we get that. There's nothing wrong with taking your time and making sure you fully understand the lesson. What's the point of the class if you didn't learn anything? We've developed our own resources for students who need extra support following along with the class material. These tools offer in-depth explanations, graphical demonstrations, video tutorials, and an AI assistant to guide you through everything. Everyone can learn at their own pace.

Watch the class creations at home and download your personal project for keeps

At the end of the class, you will be able to watch all of your classmates' projects and be able to download the project you created for keeps. We find that being able to watch your peers' videos is an important addition for families due to the structure of the class. Since students will be acting, filming, and helping out with other students' work, it's important for families to see everything their child has contributed to the class.

We value every student's privacy and have put heavy restrictions in place so that unauthorized users won't see the classwork. These projects are only accessible to attendees of the class. Furthermore, only the student who directed and edited a video is authorized to download it. We never hand out student work to anyone else without seeking permission first.

You'll learn just about everything there is to know about video production. Plus, it's 100% hands-on 

Tap Me!

Learn advanced techniques like


We have a history of teaching advanced techniques in our classes. Despite the class being intended for young children, We're able to discuss these topics because we just know the best way to do it. With our 5 year tested and proven curriculum and hands-on lessons, students dive into these topics without a hitch. Students have an opportunity to truly master their inner filmmaker even before high school. But the icing on the cake is it's actually fun. Students are not shy about telling us that they enjoyed these advanced topics.

Students take charge and become real directors

Every student has the opportunity to direct their own project. When it's time for the students to start recording their projects, they take charge of the set. Every project has a director and a crew comprised of a camera operator and a group of actors. Before shooting, the students are trained as directors and learn to take responsibility in making sure their team knows what they're job is to complete their project. Clear communication and leadership skills are developed as a result. When a student's project is finished, it truly reflects their creativity and hard work. Independence is encouraged and nurtured. Projects come from the collaboration and teamwork of students. Staff are not part of the team.

Students tell their own stories.

Students are allowed to write any story they'd like as long as it's appropriate for a school environment and is possible with the class resources. There are endless possibilities. We teach students how to tell stories that inspire others and follow all the rules of what a story has to have. Every student's script is given feedback to ensure that every script has a main character, a goal, plenty of obstacles, and a vision. Don't like to write because it's boring? No problem! Students can choose to draw out a storyboard if they wish.

That's just a fraction of what we do!

If we told you everything we covered in the class, you'd be reading all day. Below is a taste of some of the topics we didn't share in-depth. We welcome you to join us on this adventure through the wonders of the human imagination. Express yourself like never before. We hope to see you soon! Sign up at


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