SpecGraphix, a subdivision of BNSBC, offers revolutionary software and plugins that make a difference in education and the everyday life of families. We strive not only to create new things that have not been seen before in the industry but are at the peak of it's quality.

What Have We Developed?

SpecGCraft Server


SGCraft is a Minecraft Server filled with plugins that enhance the experience for players in an online setting. SGCraft is currently only available in SpecGraphixEDU Classes & Programs for kids but will soon be available to the public for free in late 2020. Some of the enhancements we've added include the following,

Anti-Destruction plugin

Used to protect players' work from being destroyed by others online. The only person that can destroy a block, is the person who placed it.

Multi-World Travel

The SGCraft isn't limited to one world file. Players' can travel between multiple worlds packed with various activities created by the SpecGraphix development team.

Auto Language Censoring

The game will automatically censor inappropriate language making the SGCraft server suitable for all ages. All text chat messages are logged to ensure no inappropriate phrases are missed.

And so much more!

Advanced Green Screen Engine (Av)


Av is a fantastic tool that gives kids ages 7+ the ability to drag and drop Computer Generated Images (CGI) on top of their video projects. There are over 500 effects to choose from including dinosaurs, dragons, tornadoes, aliens, animals, superpowers, and so much more! In addition to the premade effects, kids can also insert custom PNG images into their videos. Av will automatically put the desired PNG in 3D space inside any video project. Just drag and drop, then adjust the angle, size, and depth of the image. You can even customize the drop shadow of the image.



Currently, Av is only available in SpecGraphixEDU's Video Production classes. Visit to sign up for a class today!

Niña AI Assistant

Niña is an AI designed to help elementary school students with their class projects. She is equipped with thousands of animated GIFs to show students exactly how to use the tools on apps like iMovie, Powerpoint, Scratch, Sketchpad, Adobe Creative Cloud, AVID, Davinci Resolve, Google Docs, and more! She can also provide graphs, credible database articles, videos, and more!

You Can Disable Basic Answers!

Niña is designed to tutor youth, not promote cheating. You can disable answers and instead, have the AI provide tutoring. Explaining equations, steps in a process, and guide students with examples. She can even ask students to provide an example answer to Niña so she can accurately correct students' errors.

100% Offline = 100% Privacy

Your privacy is 100% secure because Niña doesn't rely on the internet to get answers. She works completely offline. As a result, Niña is 100% COPPA compliant. As long as you update the program regularly, she will always have the most recent information. No student data is ever collected by the assistant.

AutoCorrect Spelling

Niña is designed for young children ages 5+. She's able to decipher misspelled words that are common amongst kindergarteners, 1st graders, and students with learning challenges. She is here to help everyone in need!

Niña will be available to the public soon! Stay tuned here for updates.

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