Photography - Thu (Xtreme)

Photography - Thu (Xtreme)

Recommended for grades K to 2


(This class requires students to take pictures using a cell phone or camera)

This is a fully comprehensive photography course where students will learn everything they need to know to capture stunning photos at home for fun or as a serious hobby! Students will also learn how to edit their photos in the free application called Gimp. No prior experience taking photos is necessary.

  • Class Days & Times

    Every Thursday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time from January 21st to March 18th. (No class February 18th)

    Number of meetings: 8

    Hours per meeting: 1 Hours

  • Required Software


    Pixlr is a free to use online photo editor accessible at https://pixlr.com/x/


    Zoom is a free to use video conferencing app used for our online class lectures and demonstrations. You can download it at: https://zoom.us/download

  • Class Format

    Class Size: Up to 8 students per class.

    Grade Level: This class is recommended for grades K to 2.

    Homework: Required homework assignments.

    Extra Help: Students can schedule 3 one on one appointments with the instructor at no extra cost.

    Returning Students: This class can be retaken for a more advanced and challenging experience.

  • Instructor

    Eric Hansen

    Eric has taught classes in the Public Schools of Brookline for over 6 years. He is widely regarded as the "cool, modern, caring, and down to earth kind of teacher." He was ranked our best instructor of 2019 and 2020 voted by customers.

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