Hollywood Production in Minecraft™ - Mon (Xtreme)

Hollywood Production in Minecraft™ - Mon (Xtreme)

Recommended for grades 3 to 6


Students will board the Minecraft Tropical Cruise filled with dozens of activities to engage in with peers. There's endless fun for everyone. The cruise will dock in countries across the world. Students will be able to visit Paris, Versailles, London, Madrid, Rome, Venis, Washington DC, New York City, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Agra, Egypt, Dubai, and over 70 other countries! They'll take photos with a Minecraft character designed to resemble them with friends and take home a collage of their adventure. (We are not officially endorsed or associated with Mojang Studios.)

  • Class Days & Times

    Every Monday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time from January 25th to March 22nd. (No class during Holidays on January 18th and February 15th.)

    Number of meetings: 8

    Hours per meeting: 1 Hours

  • Required Software

    "Minecraft Java Edition" for Mac OS, Windows, or Linux

    You can purchase Minecraft for $26.99 at https://www.minecraft.net/store/minecraft-java-edition


    WeVideo is a free to use online video editor accessible at https://www.wevideo.com/


    Zoom is a free to use video conferencing app used for our online class lectures and demonstrations. You can download it at: https://zoom.us/download

  • Class Format

    Class Size: Up to 10 students per class.

    Grade Level: This class is recommended for grades 3 to 6.

    Homework: Required homework assignments.

    Extra Help: Students can schedule 3 one on one appointments with the instructor at no extra cost.

    Returning Students: This class can be retaken for a more advanced and challenging experience.

  • Instructor

    Eric Hansen

    Eric has taught classes in the Public Schools of Brookline for over 6 years. He is widely regarded as the "cool, modern, caring, and down to earth kind of teacher." He was ranked our best instructor of 2019 and 2020 voted by customers.

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