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NHP Animations creates custom graphics, promotional materials, animations, and soundtracks for businesses or individuals and produces animated films.

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Niña and the Universal Mistake


Genre: Romance + Sci-Fi

A god and goddess begin the creation of the universe. While in the process, a tragic accident happens and the god gets trapped on Earth as a human without his powers. The goddess attempts to connect with him in his dreams and remind him where his true home is. Will these 2 ever reunite?

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A Fight for  Freedom of Consciousness


Genre: Action + Sci-Fi

After scientists discover that the Earth will be struck by a meteor shower, the world realizes that if humans don't colonize another planet, the species will go extinct. Scientists develop a space ship that can travel far enough to reach a new planet but not fast enough for humans to survive the trip. So the passengers are put in Cryogenic chambers and are hooked up to a virtual world. The passengers are confused about why a virtual world is necessary. Jen and her sister Kim, who were elite hackers back on Earth, realize that the virtual world will be used to give ultimate control to a dictatorship. They team up with their friends to declare war on the evil dictators. Will they be able to restore everyone's freedom?


Some of the soundtracks from Hacked have been released to the Public! Listen now.

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Andromeda University


Genre: Slice of Life + Comedy

Jay and his friends enjoy their college lives at Andromeda University running into a few bumpy roads along the way. Jay and his best friend Terrance live together as roommates and work together through the challenges of cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry which they never did their whole lives. Meanwhile, their friends Kaho, Mina, and Sophie face their own issues including Kaho being dense around her crushes, Mina being too smart for everyone else to understand, and Sophie aiming for her goal as an athlete while being a huge klutz at the same time.    

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