Article was written by Eric Cody Hansen


China has produced a replica of what they think the iPhone 8 will look like!  China has a history of producing iPhone and Samsung Galaxy knock-offs with cheap hardware. With their lenient copyright laws, it's easy for businesses in China to replicate iconic, high-end products and sell them as originals or as their own replica products. They even reproduce the original packing. The iPhone knock-offs tend to be produced with Google's Android OS, but some sellers try to re-program their own OS to mimic the latest IOS as closely as possible.

Doing a simple google search, you can find several Chinese sellers for the "latest generation" iPhone before Apple has even announced a new device. Are these sites trustworthy?  Buy an "early access" iPhone 8 Chinese replica at your own risk. Many customers have been scammed with shoddy materials and components. On the other hand, if you can find the right site, you can get some pretty amazing stuff for a very cheap price.

Be careful when purchasing these products. Skepticism can save you from unwanted scammers. But if you play your cards right, maybe you will be able to show your friends your "new iPhone" before a keynote has been released by Apple.   Good luck, shoppers!

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