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BNSBC Entertainment aspires to create incredible films and TV series for the masses.  Our talented staff work hard and are passionate to create great ideas and compose beautiful work.  Most of our content is free to view on our Youtube Channel so be sure to Subscribe to us!  Great storytelling is the foundation for amazing movies and our staff work around to clock to bring the best screenplays for our talented film crew and actors to relive through digital media.


Films & TV Shows



Future Arc


Genre: Mystery + Thriller

3 strangers find themselves trapped inside a locked abandoned warehouse where they are forced to play a game that determines their survival. One person supposedly is the killer while the other two are innocent. Every hour a toxic gas fills the room putting everyone to sleep which gives the killer the opportunity to kill without being caught. The group has to figure out who the killer is before it's too late. 

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Truly Noted


Genre: Romance + Mystery


One day in a college class, Michael finds written messages on his desk about tv shows that he likes. He decides to reply to the message by writing his own message on the desk. After that point, the 2 students who sit in that desk in different classes use it to communicate with each other during every class. One day, the student behind the notes asks to meet up. They try to meet but not without challenges. Not being able to communicate through texting because the other person doesn't have a phone. Will they ever be able to meet each other? Or was the whole thing a joke and not meant to happen.

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强大的爱 Movie Poster_edited.jpg



Genre: Romance + Comedy

After two college students meet in their class and exchange WeChat information, the girl becomes infatuated with the boy and can't stop thinking about him. Gradually the boy becomes open to the relationship and after an unexpected confession, he decides to give it a chance. They become soulmates and are perceived by others as the "perfect couple". But one day, the girl's visa expires, and she's forced to fly back to her home in China. Will the perfect couple ever be able to reunite?

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