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Welcome to the
SGEDU Family Partner Program!

Members of the SGEDU Family Partner Program are individually invited for their extra support and love for our programs. After the COVID pandemic, our business has had a hard time expanding to new customers who don't know about our brand. We need your help to stay open for the long term and continue to help creative kids fulfill their life goals. 

Helping us get exposure to new families keeps our business open. For every new family that signs up for a course on our website as a result of your help, we'll give you 10 credits to redeem one of the supporter gifts below. Report new customers you send to our site and redeem your gifts by emailing us at More gifts are planned for launch in the near future.

1 Customer Registers for an SGEDU Course = 10 Credits

Supporter Gift Choices

Free SGEDU Merchandise Of Your Choice
10-20 Credits
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Free SGEDU Course Of Your Choice
30 Credits
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1 Year of Adobe Creative Cloud Access for free and 8 weeks of graphic design tutoring.
70 Credits
10 weeks of business or investing tutoring, business feedback from a Boston University professor, and a Fidelity Go account with a starting balance of $100.
Computer Engineering Poster Square v2.jpg
$1,000 shopping spree at Microcenter with an instructor to help pick computer parts and 8 weeks of tutoring building a custom desktop.
140 Credits
50 Credits
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16 weeks of creative writing tutoring, have a book officially published with an ISBN number, have 1 copy of your book in your school and local libraries, and receive a hard cover copy delivered to you.
110 Credits

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