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We host various competitive 4-Square events in Boston Massachusetts. We offer $3.00 casual events and $10.00 competitive events that offer cash prizes. You can sign up for the CEC mailing list to find out when new events are coming to Boston. Click Here to sign up.

These are the Official CEC League Rules.


Box = An individual player’s boundaries indicated by the box lines.

Square = The outside boundary of all 4 players boxes.

King = The player in box #4.

Serve = When the King passes the first time per game.

Pass = When a player passes the ball to another player.

Tap = When the ball touches a player’s hands.

Bounce = When the ball bounces on the ground.

Illegal Play = When a certain action is committed by a player, that player is removed from the game.

Line = The boundary lines in between each player’s box.

Possess = The player that currently holds the ball or has the ball within their box.

Call = A player can say a specific phrase to use a set rule.

Game = A single round of 4 square.

Match Reset = When the king is removed from the game.

Revoke = A rule is removed.

Reset = The game ends without any players being removed from the game.  All rules are temporarily revoked for that game. The next game continues as usual.

Removed from the Game = A player is removed from the square and waits in line for their next turn.

Player Line = The line that waits next to box 1.  Once a player is removed from a game, the player in the front of this line enters box 1.

Temp Ban = The player sits out for a set number of games and does not enter the player line.

Considered = A rule is slightly changed temporarily until the end of each game.

Evoke = A rule only applies to 1 player.


Mandatory Rules list

At any time during a game, a reset can be made if at least 3 people in the square approve the reset.

There are 4 boxes labeled 1 through 4.  The player who stands in box #4 is the king and can add up to 8 rules maximum at the start of a match reset.


When a player is removed from the game according to the current rules that indicate a player is removed, they leave the square and stand in the player line and wait for their turn to play the next game.  If the king gets out, all rules set by the king are revoked and the new king can set their own rules.  The rules that can be set are listed below.  

All rules from rule #1 (Old School) are applied each game unless another rule is added by the king that conflicts with a rule in Old School.  Any rule that is used while it’s not set is considered an illegal play.  Slamming the ball over the head or at a speed that is impossible to hit effectively are illegal plays. Rulings regarding slamming are decided by the judge’s discretion. Possessing the ball for over 6 seconds is considered an illegal play. Rules that require a player to make a call can only be used twice max in each game. King's rules that are currently banned by the CEC can not be set by the king during a match. (banned rules are listed in the "Printable PDF Copy" and are updated the 1st of every month.)


0) Safe Serve                

This rule can be set by any player if at least 3 players agree to set it.  

This rule does not count towards the king’s 8 rule limit.

When the king serves the ball, no players can be removed from the game when receiving the serve.



1) Old School

Once this rule is set, No additional rules can be added by the king until there is a match reset.

If the ball bounces more than once in a player’s box, they are removed from the game.  

If the ball bounces in a player’s box and then leaves the square, the player that stands in that box is removed from the game.

If the ball leaves the square, a reset is made.  

If the ball touches a line, a reset is made.  

Catching the ball is considered an illegal play.

Tapping or bouncing the ball more than once is considered an illegal play.  

Not passing the ball to the player you are looking at is considered an illegal play.  Rule #0 (Safe Serve) can still be applied while rule #1 (Old School) is set.  Rolling the ball during a pass is considered an illegal play. The king must serve the ball to box 2.


Click the "Printable PDF Copy" button to view a full list of the official CEC rules the king can use at tournaments.

Season 2 is Here!

Read the Printable PDF to See the New Added Rules!


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